Since my early days as a marine biologist, I have enjoyed interacting with local people, like fisherman and indigenous communities along the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia; or small scale organic farmers along the mountains of the Colombian Andes. I was always fascinated with their culture, their traditions, and their valuable knowledge about nature management and conservation. There were simple daily life scenes at the end of a work day with the local communities, which I wanted to keep intact in my mind and share with my loved ones forever.  I would never have  imagined that this feeling would have opened a new path for me to the field of photography.


Later, I had the opportunity to live and visit different countries (like Norway, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, USA, etc.); each country has rewarded me with the wonderful experience of continuous learning both from their culture and from myself. I saw that people around the world need to realize that our beauty as human beings rely precisely on our cultural diversity. I believe my images can build bridges between people from all around the world.